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Jan Fast Archaeology: WW2 conflict archaeology and repatriation of war dead in Hanko 2019

The 2019 scientific WW2 conflict archaeology field season in Hanko S. Finland is about to get started. We have informed "all parties concerned" about the planned digs and agreed on the interdisciplinary museum and excavation team that will do the actual excavation and documentation work.

A first team meeting is scheduled for next week before the actual fieldwork starts in early May 2019 with…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: New calibrated radiocarbon dates for potsherds from the Ölmosviken site

In the autumn of 2018 a large representative rimsherd (with pit and other ornaments) from a neolithic pot was excavated from the Ölmosviken site. The charcoal remains from the inside of the potsherd have now been analysed and dated at the University of Uppsala in Sweden.

Rather surprisingly the rimsherd (attributable to the so called "Kiukais" culture in SW Finland) dates to the same time…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Only a few spots left at the Helsinki dig!!

Spring is soon here and the pre registration for the Helsinki dig has been very very busy indeed. In order to make sure there is enough room for locals and participants from the amateur archaeology society ANGO at the dig we are forced to halt the registration after the 14th of March 2019.

Picture from the trial excavation in 2018.Please stay in touch with us and ask for cancellations in mid…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: The exciting 2019 excavation areas of "Durchgangslager Hanko"

Late last autumn several previously unknown German WW2 dump sites were located during scientific surveying of the former German transition camp. These areas will be excavated July 1st to July 19th 2019 as part of the 6th and last excavation season of this remarkable scientific WW2 conflict archaeology project.

The former German military camp is situated on windy Cape Tulliniemi in Hanko S.…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: The registration is now open! WW2 conflict archaeology excavation for all in 2019!

The registration for this years excavation of the German Second World War Transiton Camp in Hanko has started!

The site is very rich in WW2 finds illustrating many aspects of life, by soldiers from different units in the camp.This year we will focus on the materiality of the Finnish Waffen SS volunteers who stayed in the camp in the summer of 1943. The scientific archaeological excavation will…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Espoon ensi kesän harrastaja-arkeologeille suunnattu kaivaus täyttymässä!

Espoossa järjestetään 24.6-29.6.2019 jännittävä, kaikille arkeologiasta kiinnostuneille suunnattu arkeologinen kaivaus.Kaivauksen aikana osallistujat tutkivat oikeiden arkeologien johdolla runsaslöytöistä 6000-vuotta vanhaa kivikautista asuinpaikkaa Kläppkärrissä, Espoon kartanon mailla. Varaa paikkasi heti, tilaa on enää kymmenelle nopeimmalle!!Ennakkotietoa arkeologiasta ei tarvita ja…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Excavating the dark heritage of the Finnish Volunteer SS-Battalion

The 2019 conflict archaeology excavation of "Durchgangslager Hanko" will center around the Finnish prescence in the German transition camp. The WW2 conflict archaeology excavation will take place in Hanko S. Finland July 1st to July19th 2019.

Finnish SS men in "Durchgangslager Hanko" in 1943.This year we will be looking closely at the areas where the Finnish SS were housed in July 1943 and…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: JFA 2019 kenttätyökauden koululais- ja harrastajakaivaukset

JFArkeologia, suunnitellut kaivaukset ja kartoitukset kenttätyökaudella 2019. Kaivauksia johtavat FM Jan Fast ja FM Janne Soisalo. Ilmoittautumiset kaivauksille suoraan järjestäjille!Tyypillistä kampakeramiikkaa. Kuva Museovirasto/Finna.TOUKOKUU 6-8.5 Kemiönsaari, ”arkeologi koulussa”. Koulukäyntejä Kemiönsaaren kouluissa (järj. Sagalundgillet/Mullankaivajat). Täynnä.20-24.5 Kemiönsaari…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: A Finn after all? New information on the genetics of the Janakkala swordsman

The grave of the so called Janakkala swordsman, containing two swords, was found by metal detectorists in the autumn of 2013 . The grave has since been dated to the 14th century. Genetic research has revealed interesting information about the man and his genetic heritage.The skull of the "Janakkala swordsman". Suomen Kuvalehti 27.12.2015.The genetic heritage of the Janakkala swordsman is much…

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I projektet får barn i olika åldrar får bekanta sig med Kimitoöns förhistoria och arkeologiska utgrävningar under ledning av arkeologerna FM Jan Fast och FM Janne Soisalo. Arkeologerna besöker också skolorna före utgrävningen och berättar om Kimitoöns förhistoria, sitt jobb och metoder på både finska och svenska. Målgruppen är Kimitoöns 5. och 6. klassister i samtliga Kimitoöns skolor men…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Register now! Community Archaeology Dig in Espoo 24-30.6.2019!

Just a reminder to all of you interested in the neolithic stone-age/corded ware culture. Between June 23 and June 26th there ill be a unique opportunity to participate in a community archaeology excavation in Espoo S. Finland.No previous knowledge of archaeology is needed in order to participate and there is no age limit although youngsters under 14 years of age have to be accompanied by an…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Only 3 spots left at the 2019 community archaeology excavation in Kouvola!!

The registration for the 2019 excavation in Kouvola (Elimäki) has been a huge success and now there are only three spots left! You need to act immediately to secure your spot at the very exiting excavation of an early comb ceramic dwelling site!

The place is of personal interest to me as I was the first one to inspect it as a young archaeology student back in 1988. It features in my…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Archaeology dig in Porvoo, only 4 spots left!

There are only four of the 20 spots left at the Vävarsbacka II scientific community archaeology excavation i Porvoo!! The excavation of the stone-age dwelling site is from June 1st to June 5th 2019!

You can participate for one or all 5 days! No previous knowledge of archaeology is required!Please act now and secure a spot at this interesting excavation by registering through the link below.

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Jan Fast Archaeology: The registration for the 2019 archaeological excavation in Porvoo has started!!

The registration for the upcoming community archaeology dig of the neolithic dwelling site Vävarsbacka II in Porvoo has started! The excavation is from June 1st to June 5th 2019.

Last years dig "sold out" in a couple of days so act fast and secure a spot at this exiting dig by clicking on the link below. We speak Finnish, Swedish and English during the excavation.

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Jan Fast Archaeology: The ultimate Christmas present. Participate in an archaeological excavation gift card!

Ever heard how he or she always wanted to be an archaeologist. Why not make your friends wish come through! Secure a spot for him or her at one of next years JFArchaeology community archaeology digs and give a Christmas present that will be remembered for years and years to come.

Want to hear more? For personal gift cards and additional information contact

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Jan Fast Archaeology: The Finnish Cultural Foundation "Mullankaivajat" grant to Sagalunds Museum

Today was a very good day. Next year we will be able to take the Ölmosviken dig to a whole new level together with Sagalunds Museum thanks to a substantial grant from The Finnish Cultural Foundation!

Next years dig will involve local schools and schoolchildren of different ages from the island of Kemiönsaari (SW Finland). The students will participate hands on in the excavation of a late stone…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Participate in an archaeological excavation in Espoo in 2019

Good news! It is now verified Esbo Arbetarinstitut will arrange an archaeological excavation in Espoo in 2019! There will also be a couple of interesting lectures before the actual fieldwork kicks off (the dates of these will be revealed later). Anyone with an interest in archaeology can participate in this exciting excavation for one or all six days.

The excavation will take place on a…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Exciting community archaeology excavation in Helsinki (Pitäjänmäki) 2019

We are extremely happy to announce that the excavations of the comb ceramic dwelling site in Pitäjänmäki (Turkismiehentien leikkikenttä) will continue between 13-17.6.2019. Anyone with an interest in archaeology can participate!

The excavation will be arranged in co-operation with "Pitäjänmäki seura ry". Pre registration is now possible, please act fast since there are only 15 spots/day…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Vävarsbacka 2019. The registration for next years excavation starts 2.1.2019 at 10.00 am!

Arkeologisk utgrävning av stenåldersboplatsen Vävarsbacka II i Borgå 14.5 och 1-5.6.2019 Anmälan börjar 2.1.2019 kl. 10:00!! Utgrävning må-sö 1-5.6.2019 kl. 10.00-16.00. Sammanlagt 32 lektionerArkeologer FM Jan Fast och FM Janne Soisalo Kursavgift 75,00 € Max 20 studerande. Kom med och lär dig arkeologisk utgrävningsteknik i praktiken. Vi gör en utgrävning av en fyndrik 5500 år gammal…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Mapping the heritage value of the Mannerheim line

PhD Oula Seitsonen has ventured on a new WW2 conflict archaeology project. This time the focus is on the Mannerheim-Line on the Carelian Isthmus. Please read more about the background and motives of the project by clicking on the link below the pictures!

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Jan Fast Archaeology: WW2 Conflict Archaeology Seminar and work with cleaning the finds from the 2014-2018 excavations of "Durchgangslager Hangö"

"Hangö Sommaruniversitet" and JFArchaeology offer a unique experience within the field of WW2 conflict archaeology.

You are invited to help in cleaning and sorting the unique finds from the German WW2 transition camp in Hanko S. Finland and listen to lectures and participate in discussions on different aspects of WW2 conflict archaeology in (different topics every day). The Finnish, Swedish…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Articles about the "Hanko 1941" project

Two newspaper articles were published about the new WW2 conflict archaeology project. The article in Västra Nyland is in swedish and the article in Hangon lehti in finnish.

Postcard from the Hanko front after the liberation of Hanko to a Waffenbruder in the Wehrmacht.

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Jan Fast Archaeology: About the conflict archaeology project "Hanko 1941"

”Hanko 1941” A new scientific conflict- and community archaeology project in Hanko S. Finland 2019-2025.The project studies Hanko as a war zone during the Second World War from the viewpoints of modern conflict archaeology and more traditional war- and social history. All work is done within a strict ethical framework and with proper safety and other important issues taken into consideration.

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Surveying Karis (Raseborg) 5-7.10.2018

This was probably the last days of fieldwork done by us in S. Finland. The weather was excellent (again) and the team functioned like clockwork. Everybody enjoyed themselves and that clearly showed up in the results too.

The colours of "Ruska".We surveyed in two areas, avoiding the traditional approach of just looking at areas were the soil had been disturbed by building activity or forest…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Saying goodbye to Långåmossarna

Feeling a bit sentimental now. A couple of days ago, 2.10 to be exact, we finished off the excavations of the Långåmossarna early comb ceramic/corded ware culture settlement site in Raseborg SW Finland. My work on this site started in 1992.

Early comb ceramic potsherd photographed "in situ" during a visit to the site in 2009.All through these many years we have worked together with the local…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Impressions from the late stone-age/early bronze age dig at Ölmosviken

Winter is closing in on us archaeologists here in Finland but there is still time for some serious fieldwork up here "on the top of the world".

Rescue excavation of the eroding part of the dwelling site at Ölmosviken.We are now back from a short but very sweet dig of a late neolithic early bronze-age dwelling site area at Kimitoön i SW Finland.Ölmosviken, settlement site IV.Unil now this…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: More work on the scientific conflict archaeology of Sovjet WW2 war graves in Hanko, S. Finland

Yesterday me and Mr Aleksi Rikkinen (Helsinki University) ventured on a 14 hour long journey, covering almost 600 kilometers, documenting and mapping archaeological sites in S. Finland.

Scientific documentation of Soviet WW2 war graves in Hanko S. Finland. The work is done in co-operation with the embassy of the Russian Federation in Helsinki Finland. Most of the fieldwork was done in Hanko as…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Surveying and mapping WW2 war graves in Hanko S Finland 10.9.2018.

There was still a vivid air of summer around us today when we ventured on our first scientific fieldtrip in search of forgotten or lost WW2 war graves from the battles of Hanko front (25.6.-2.12.1941).

Clear skies above a dark heritage.The day was successful albeit (of course) a sad one. We discovered and documented at least six previously unknown graves dating to the Second World War and will…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: Community archaeology in Helsinki (Pitäjänmäki) 9.9.2018

Jump right in and check out amazing original stone-age (5000 tear old) finds "hands on", from the community archaeology dig in Pitäjänmäki (May 2018).

Archaeology is for everyone and for all ages!Tomorrow you will also have a unique opportunity to pre register your participation in the 2019 dig of this intriguing stone-age dwelling site situated within minutes from Helsinki city centre!…

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Jan Fast Archaeology: "Made by History" a very nice new Finnish archaeology blog

This blog was started by my colleague and friend Teemu Väisänen just a way back. It´s both neat and informative. and I, together with the also great Aleksi Rikkinen 😉, will be sharing a workspace in Helsinki together 2018-2019. Maybe we could blog together about or common interest in WW2 conflict archaeology here for a while during that time! Stay…

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